Mathematical Frameworks for Electromagnetic Tissue Property Imaging using MRI 
Jin Keun Seo (Yonsei University, Korea)

Recently, there has been marked progress in MR-based electromagnetic property imaging techniques which use MRI to provide cross-sectional images of conductivity, permittivity, and susceptibility
distributions inside the human body. These electromagnetic material properties of biological tissues are important biomarkers since they reveal physiological and pathological conditions of body tissues and organs. When properly probed by electric and/or magnetic means, their three-dimensional distributions in a subject become sources of magnetic field perturbations, which can be measured using a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. Magnetic resonance(MR)-based electromagnetic tissue property imaging is used to provide tomographic images of the tissue properties by investigating the sources of the magnetic field perturbations.

Electromagnetic tissue properties are measured in a macroscopic scale by investigating the sources of the magnetic field perturbations and solving nonlinear inverse problems involving Maxwell's equations. To solve the inverse problem with practical significance, we need deep knowledge on its mathematical formulation of underlying physical phenomena, implementation of image reconstruction algorithms, and practical limitations associated with the measurement sensitivity, specificity, noise, and data acquisition time. This talk is based on our recent book " Electro-Magnetic tissue property MRI" by JK Seo, EJ Woo, K Ulrich, and Y Wang.