Parameter identification in micro cutting processes
Iwona Piotrowska (Bremen University, Germany)

The micro cutting processes are mostly used in manufacturing of micro forming work tools such as the micro moulds. In order to meet the high requirements on the technological and the economical aspects in the production process of micro formed parts the optimal surface structure and the shape of micro moulds have to be determined. Finding optimal cutting parameters is also crucial for achieving efficient tribological properties of the tool-surface in the production of such a tools.
Inverse parameter identification problem for micro cutting processes is presented. In order to apply the regularization techniques the forward model, which relates the parameters to the measurements, has to be developed. Based on the process kinematic the interaction between the tool and the workpiece as well as the dependence on certain system, structures, material parameters in force law, and process parameters, e.g. feed rates and depth of cut, are described. The physical correlation between these parameters takes also into account the dynamical changes which occur during the process and is given by a system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). This parameter-to-state mapping, which relates the parameters to the measurements, gives a starting point to parameter optimization. The general framework of parameter identification is used for determining the required optimal process parameters.