The conference timetable is now available.


Full list of Invited Plenary Talks:

Tuesday 26th August

  • PL1: Seismic inverse problems: recent developments in theory and practice
    Bill Symes (Rice University, United States)
  • PL2: Wave Control in complex media: from time-reversal methods to tunable metasurfaces
    Mathias Fink (ESPCI, France)
  • PL3: Inverse Problems Young Researcher Award Winner- to be announced

Wednesday 27th August

  • PL4: Dynamical image analysis and some applications to inverse problems
    Otmar Scherzer (University of Vienna, Austria)
  • PL5: A qualitative approach to the inverse scattering problem for inhomogeneous media
    Fioralba Cakoni (University of Delaware, United States)
  • PL6: Emergence of ideas in Inverse Problems
    Pierre Sabatier (University of Montpelier II, France)

Thursday 28th August

  • PL7: Inverse problems for non-linear wave equations and the Einstein equations
    Matti Lassas (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  • PL8: Recent advances in inverse scattering problems
    Gang Bao (Zhejiang University, China and Michigan State University, United States)
  • PL9: Regularization: Fighting the lack of Information
    Alfred K Louis (Saarland University, Germany)

Public lecture

Samuli Siltanen (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Full list of mini symposia:

  • Hybrid Medical Imaging
  • Applied Inverse Problems in Industry
  • Inverse Scattering
  • Compressive Sensing
  • Seismic Imaging
  • Inverse Source Problems
  • Regularisation methods-Theory
  • Regularisation methods-Algorithms
  • Inverse Problems in Astronomy
  • Inverse Problems in Cell Biology
  • Inverse Problems for Wave Phenomena
  • Inverse Statistical Methods
  • Inverse Problems using PDEs
  • Asymptotic Expansions
  • Inverse Spectral Problems
  • Inverse Boundary Problems
  • Tomography
  • Physical Imaging